Missions and Centers

Our medical missions have provided much needed care to tens of thousands of poor patients nationwide. Since 1982, we have consistently deployed such missions to over 70 different cities and municipalities -- each with the goal of reaching the most marginalized patients.

While the medical mission represents an effective model for providing access to surgery in underserved communities, we have over the last 7 years begun to adapt our approach to centers in more population-dense areas. Today, we have Cleft Care Centers of Excellence in Manila, Pampanga, and Davao City that offer treatment and consultations in 8 different specialties and ensure year-round care for patients.

The centers and surrounding medical missions are integrated using a hub-and-spoke outreach model, which allows us to reach as many patients as possible without sacrificing safety or effectiveness.


2017 Missions

September 27 to October 1:  Dumaguete

November 7 to November 10:  Ilocos Norte

November 18 to November 25:  Iloilo

November 18 to November 25:  Davao

December 7 to December 9:  Manila

February 9 to February 17: Cebu




“Every child that has a facial deformity is our responsibility. If we don’t take care of that child, there’s no guarantee that anyone else will.”

- Kathy Magee, Operation Smile Co-founder and President